Welcome to Mendoza City, global wine capital. Located at foot of Los Andes highest mountains, Mendoza is obligatory gateway to Pacific Ocean. The weather is pleasant: temperate, with little rains…

The City of Mendoza continues to invest in Solar Energy

They are added to the 128 already installed and the work turns the Warehouse into the building with the highest solar energy power in the province. It was achieved thanks to the joint work of the Mendoza Energy Company, local SMEs and the Municipality of the City of Mendoza.

Potrero Digital already works in the City

Potrero Digital is an initiative of Fundación Compromiso y Cooperativa La Juanita that aims to bring training in digital trades of the best quality to people who live with few training opportunities and make a link with those who require digital services.

New opportunities

Mendoza City is urban nucleus’s heart. In it, live 120,000 inhabitants and receives every day more than 600,000 persons who do several activities.