New opportunities

The city


The city is divided into 13 sections or districts.

Daily visitors

They visit the city to perform different activities.

Creative economy

Cultural industry is a dynamic generator of new economy, which develops new investments and generates new work opportunities every day.

Within creative economies framework, Mendoza City encourages its development by supporting “Creative District”, located in one of zones with the best environmental quality and residential zone par excellence, Bombal neighborhood. 

This district generates a favorable place for design studies establishment, architecture, audiovisual production, design and creativity.

Sustainable District

The main axis of the project is to strengthen the City of Mendoza as a modern metropolis and attracting investment center. Likewise, urban reconfiguration is sought with improvements in the urban environment, overcoming physical and visual barriers.

Through Mendoza Station, the municipality seeks to revitalize the areas that surround it, pointing to a sustainable city with an integral vision of the group of inhabitants that make it up. In this way, the City will have a new and important green area that will be part of a new lung for the residents of the capital of Mendoza.

As background, the contest of projects, “Master Plan and Morphological Ideas Sustainable District – Mendoza Station” for the urbanization of these lands, was selected, among 28 projects to “HORIZON GS”, whose authors were the arch. Guillermo Lesch, Santiago Belozercovsky; and collaborators Patricio Dato, Paula Lesch, Pablo Calocero.

Knowledge industries

The city harbor one of the most important educational conglomerates in South America. This knowledge base is reflected in new economies development.

the software industry, engineering, architecture and design, as well as bioengineering and cutting-edge medicine, which can be seen in local companies development with global projection.

The city has talent and infrastructure to face contemporary world new challenges.


City development, excellent human talent, connectivity and life quality make Mendoza City an ideal place for new opportunities development.