Who invests in the city?

Triunfo Seguros inaugurated the first sustainable building in the city

New building is added to urban and commercial impulse of Mendoza City Fourth District, together with works that Capital Municipality is already carrying out with Urban Renovation Plan works.

Mercado Libre expands with new design and development offices in Mendoza

With a permanent expansion dynamic, Mercado Libre opened a new office in Mendoza dedicated to software design and development.

We are very happy to establish ourselves in this province, where we see a lot of growth potential. Arriving in Mendoza is part of our plan to add talents from all over country to continue democratizing access to new opportunities,” said Sebastián Fernández Silva, senior vice president of staff at Mercado Libre during inauguration.

Aconcagua Hotel is transformed: redefines spaces and adds a shopping center

Between 25 de Mayo, Chile and San Lorenzo streets from Ciudad, an innovative project is being developed that looking for to give it a strong impulsive to this center zone. The initiative is carried out by Tomasevich family, Aconcagua Hotel owner. This building will work again and will also have a cultural urban center called “San Lorenzo Espacio Urbano”.

Given this, it’s important to note that hotel capacity isn’t going to be modified, but that 153 rooms will be maintained. From second floor, there will be everything related to hotel. Currently, it has 10,000 m –5000 m to be transferred to new urban center.