Why invest in the city?

Strategic location

Mendoza City is capital of Mendoza Province. Located in Argentine Republic west, in Cuyo Region, the city is bioceanic journey heart, and civic, financial, educational, tourist, and cultural center of 8th global wine capital.

Urban Area


The City is divided into 13 Sections that comprise an area of ​​more than 70km2.


8th World Capital of Wine, administrative and educational center of relevance.


 Rodolfo Suárez, belonging to UCR, has the Municipal Mayor Function of Municipal Executive Management. On the other hand, Municipal Legislative Management is constituted by Deliberative Council, composed by twelve councilors with a mandate for 4 years, renewing councilors body by halves every two years, in accordance with Municipalities Organic Law provisions (No. 1079) of Mendoza Province.

Economy of the City

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University City

Mendoza City has one of the most important educational ecosystems in Argentina and one of the most recognized at regional level. The educational quality offered by universities and study centers of the city allow development global talent, which is now recognized by universities and companies in America, Asia and Europe.

Technology talent


Argentina positioned itself among the vanguard countries in terms of innovation and ahead of its neighbors in the region, according to the recent conclusions of the Global Skills Index study, prepared by the online education platform Coursera. According to this survey, the country is the most talented in the world in the Technology category.

Tax incentive

Orderly public tax management of Mendoza Province and City Municipality of the last 4 years has allowed new tools development for investment development in specific sectors and zones.

Urban development

Mendoza is the city with the best life quality in Argentina. The National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) analyzed socioeconomic and environmental qualities of 528 localities in country. Mendoza City ranked first in ranking that resulted from the study conducted by PhD in Geography Guillermo Ángel Velázquez. It had also been positioned in the first place in quality and living conditions terms in Argentina urban habitat in 2011 by the Observatory of Social Debt of the Argentina Catholic University.


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